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November 19, 2006


Great job! I enjoyed all the posts in this fair. They all made me very hungry and very thankful.

Thank you for hosting.

KC, this is wonderful!! Thank you so much for hosting this fair and ... Happy Thanksgiving! :)

This is wonderful KC! Happy Thanksgiving!

What a lovely Loveliness Fair! Thanks for all the links, and have a blessed day!

Great carnival, KC! This certainly makes me yearn for Thursday's festivities.

Carnivals are such fun, aren't they? Thank you for putting together such a great Thanksgiving one!

Hi KC! Liz was showing me some of your posts, and I thought that I would add the traditions that came from Ben's Grandfather Sarno concerning the Thanksgiving meal. In my house growing up, we always started the meal with cheese ravioli and delicious tomato sauce. Then, we would have an antipasto (Provolone cheese, prosciutto, salami, red roasted peppers, black olives, artichoke hearts attop a bed of lettuce). We always had turkey and stuffing as well as mashed potatoes, squash and turnip. But, a very traditional food that I love is stuffed artichokes! These are steamed with breadcrumbs, and very delicious. We always had traditional pies, and when I married Mark his mother always made apple pie. We will really miss those this year, as well as missing her. Thanks for letting me go down memory lane! Hopefully sometime you all can share Thanksgiving dinner with us.

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