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April 17, 2007


That is hilarious. I really couldn't see him in the photo until I enlarged it.

Just needs to pull his pants down over his boots and I'd sit on him before I realized he was there!!

Oh my lands, KC! I don't know what's funnier: that the couch blends into the uniform, or that the uniform matches the floral-patterned couch! ROTFLOL


This is great, I'm sending it on the my husband. Very funny.

This is awesome! I want to show this to my husband, but maybe I shouldn't give him any ideas...

Bahahaha!!!!!!! I love it! Fwding to Scott right now.

This is hysterical!! At first I thought: "She sent us the wrong link, there's no outfit here... just a couch!" What a good sense of humor your dh has!

That is hysterical.....I really could not see him at first!!!!

I was fooled! Where's the husband? Great pic...thanks for the laugh!

That is so hilarious!

Hilarious!! You made us laugh!!

Oh that is great!!!!

Oh boy - domestic camouflage - that's too funny.


I love it!!! This is hilarious, KC.

Hilarious KC!

polish BDU's

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