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May 10, 2007


Here's mine:

Fun, KC! Here's mine:


Happy Friday!

This one I can do, quick and easy. Thanks!


This was fun!

That was fun. Here's mine:

It helps if they include the title of the book. :)

Yes, I agree with Cay, part of the fun is the title of the book. Here's mine: http://studeo.blogspot.com/2007/05/quick-book-meme.html


Fun KC --http://aleeinthewoudes.wordpress.com/2007/05/11/nearest-book-fifth-full-sentence-meme/

Mine is from a really old book my grandmother gave to my husband when he got his MD degree.
Maidenhood and Motherhood. It was sitting right here on my husband's desk!

oops...here is the link

excuse me...I am new to this!


Thanks! This was fun!


"I vow to change nothing of the received Tradition, and nothing thereof I have found before me guarded by my God-pleasing predecessors, to encroach upon, to alter, or to permit any innovation thereof." (this being part of the text of the traditional papal coronation oath which was introduced by Pope St. Agatho in the 7th century, taken from "The Great Facade: Vatican II & the Regime of Novelty in the Roman Catholic Church)

Here's mine - fun and easy meme!


This is from The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey:
"If you invest your nest egg at retirement at 12% and want to break even with 4% inflation, you will be living on 8% income."

This is from Down and Dirty Pictures, a book about the indie film craze of the last 20 years... "But emotionally criminal things happen here, and why lie about them?"

"How it is that everything you do works?"

The Number Devil by Hans Magnus Enzensberger

Here's mine.


Happy Mother's Day, KC!

"Chee had walked down the hall away from this meeting with several resolutions strongly formed."
The Fallen Man, Tony Hillerman

Here's mine: http://pomoyemu.blogspot.com/2007/06/fifth-sentence-meme.html

Here's mine:

"Recall ('Free Variables' in Chapter 7) that an entity defined outside a handler or script object but globally visible and not redefined within it (a free variable) takes its value within the handler or script object at the time the code runs, not at the time the handler or script object is defined."

Here's mine: http://callistasramblings.blogspot.com/2007/06/5th-sentence-meme.html

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