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October 20, 2007


Positive reinforcement is a struggle for me too. In my family any kind of positive comment was followed with a "but". I am trying to lose the "buts".

That's it. We need to get together over coffee and discuss our childhoods! I am a HUGE people-pleaser (and an attention hound) because growing up, I never really heard the words "Good job." I had everything I needed materially but emotionally there was still a need...

Matilda's right. We need to ditch the "buts" with our own kids.

Love to you & yours! Have a great week!

I can give you a tip on this one! Never give a criticism first. Whenever you are doing any kind of critique, give a compliment first. FIND ONE.

Then make sure there is a compliment in every complaint. "You missed a few spots while you were washing the dishes. It's nice of you to help with the dishes, I appreciate your help." That way, every nice thing you say doesn't end with a 'but..."

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