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December 11, 2008


Prayers and {{{hugs}}}} and...and...and...oh my goodness! Hooray!!!

What an Advent gift, huh?


Hugs and prayers! [I second everything Margaret said!]

I am so sorry it is hitting you so soon!!! Prayers that momma can find some peace and feel better soon!! Does anything sound good before we go out of town I could bring you?

Yippee! (sort of)


I'm a phone call/email away if you need ANYTHING.

Greasy cheeseburgers worked wonders for me. For about 15 minutes, but it was a great 15 minutes!

KC - I am so with you. 16 weeks in - still tossing my cookies!! When it gets miserable I just console myself that the little one in there has to be fine - and the nausea is keeping the anxiety away about my 16 week check next week.

celebrating with you, just not around the toilet bowl! praying for you always!

Congratulations!! Hip hip hooray for throwing up!! My prayers will be you!!

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