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March 24, 2009


(((((KC))))) Prayers coming your way.

I'm always amazed at how much a house in order, with little visual clutter, helps my interior thoughts.

{{{{HUGS}}}} You've got 'em!

Prayers for you KC!! And just my two cents: I think blogging and commenting going in cycles of what's ongoing in people's homes. And people appear and disappear accordingly. It's not a reflection on you!!

Prayers, KC. I am in a similar place...I'll pray for you! God love you and may Mary wrap you in her mantle on this joyous feast!!

Oh, KC! I'm still reading and praying for you. I am having some of my own struggles, and seems I've lost a lot of blogging friends, too! The miscarriages are huge, and nothing to brush away. Please be gentle with yourself. It all takes time, and lots of prayers!

KC, The crosses God asks of mothers is so very hard and at times very lonely. God knows the needs of your heart, but He also knows His needs. It is hard for us Let Go and Let God. You have four amazing children, ( and your house is beautiful! Love the flowers out front!)
JUst remember, the Moment in Mass when the priests Holds Jesus in the Eucharist up in the air and says < "This is my Body, I give it up for you..." Unite yourself with Christ. This is so hard to do mentally and physically. I know this all too well right beside you.
Today as the Feast of the Annunciation.. focus on Mary's words.. You are the handmaid of the Lord, Let your will be done to me.
Tears for you over here KC, I am so happy to be your friend ( who reads your blog daily!!!!)

Emily has such beautiful things to say, as usual!

I was listening to a CD this morning and there was something that struck me powerfully regarding the whole baby thing and all of that and, of course, when I think of things related to that stuff with me, I think of you, too. I'll have to share it with you and see if it means anything to you.

I love you and am still in prayer for you. No worries... The dear Lord has a PERFECT plan.

KC, It's so hard to have even one miscarriage, but two in a row takes so much out of us. Hang on, hang in there ... prayers for you, my dear. Hold fast to Jesus through these feelings. And, about commenting, I know what you mean. I think since so many people have discovered readers, they don't click through to blogs anymore, and therefore comment less. I'm guilty of it myself, but I sometimes want to stomp my feet and say, "Click through and comment, people!" :-)

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