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March 15, 2009


Please tell me she has initiated an IG complaint. Just a few years ago it was decided that soldiers were allowed to have political bumper stickers on their personal vehicles. I don't see how this is any different.

We were once "reported" by an annoying neighbor over a baby swing in a tree. The garrison commander got involved in a highly unprofessional way. We initiated an IG complaint which we won. Ultimately we did need to remove the baby swing because they changed the base policy. The point being, you cannot persecute one person. Either everyone removes their swings and hammocks from the trees or no one does. Same thing for the bumper stickers. Since one person's cause is another's cause for offense, either everyone on base removes their bumper stickers or no one does.

I think that maybe a neighbor might want to put a pro-choice sticker or sign up and then see how quickly the MPs handle that.

I'd definitely look into an IG complaint. As long as it wasn't a graphic picture, I think the MPs will wish they'd let someone higher up make that decision!

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