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March 31, 2009


Aww, I hope she's feeling better!!!

Enjoy bag shopping! :)

Aw, I hope she's feeling better. I went away for a weekend and had to buy the inhaler and medicine for my older son. He doesn't have daily asthma, but I did feel like a unprepared parent.

I'm with you on the bag/purse. I need to find one now that I have transitioned out of the diaper bag. And I hate buying purses.

I understand! I have the hugest diaperbag. ;-) 4 epipens, albuterol, benedryl... and that's just to go to the store. :)

Ugh! Brit had an asthma attack while spending the night at a friend's house...at 2:30am! I felt terrible because they stayed up to wait for hubby to get to their house (20+ mins away and then for her to do her nebulizer treatment they insisted she stay if she was up to it). She rarely needs it, but of course that was the one day. *sigh*

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