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May 21, 2009


Now, now Sweetie, don't be so hard on yourself. It isn't constructive and lowers your energy level even further. Be gentle to yourself and offer yourself forgiveness, as you would to others. You're a great mom. Really!

I agree with Sigrid - you love your hubby and kids immensely - you just had a momentary slip - those keep us humble.

There's always tomorrow!

You are not a bad mom.

Yesterday was a busy day here and our "recognition" of Ascension Thursday was this:

MissKaboom bursts into my room just before we are to leave for auditions and in a panicked voice says, "Mom!!!! It's the feast of the Ascension!!! It's a holy day of obligation!!!"

I said, "No, sweetie, the celebration has been moved to Sunday here."


That's it.

Guess I'm a bad mom... or a bad Catholic... or something. But somehow, I don't think we are. It's really okay to celebrate it with the Church! Next year you can do something differently. This year, you're still a good mom.

You are always on the go go go... I don't know how you keep up!! YOu are absolutely entitled to rest and need to to have energy for your family. I am sure of our diocese had not moved the feast to Sunday, the Holy Spirit would have led you to rest and then get the kids off to Mass. No worry, I am sure you'll talk about it with them one day. They'll get it. Hugs and thanks for the prayers. I am glad your youngests appt went well.

KC, I want a sleeping day! If it was a holyday on Thursday giving yourself rest is a very good thing! But you didn't miss anything, because the Ascension was on Sunday in most places, including yours. If you had gone to Mass it wouldn't have been for the Ascension anyway. So, no guilty feelings!

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