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September 02, 2009


I dunno, I think it's great, Anthony Kiedis aside. While I wouldn't pledge to Mr. Obama personally, I support and respect the office of the President of the United States. Furthermore, I feel that if everyone gave some thought to how they could make a positive difference in this world and took steps ti implement it, we would live in a far nicer place with less suffering and deprivation. Call me an optimist, for that's what I am.

I think it is very creepy. Pledge to support UNICEF? Stem Cell research (which only means embryonic stem cells)? To fight against global warming? "To be of service *kiss* to Barack Obama"? "To be a servant to our president"?, "To go to usaservice dot org and find a service project."?

The biggest problem with this video is that there are a lot of good things being said. Apart from the government/the president and the current social and political climate, many of these things are great ~"I pledge to promote autism awareness", "I pledge to be an American instead of an African American", "I pledge to love more", "I pledge to represent my country with dignity and pride", "I pledge to not give anyone the finger while I'm driving" (LOL!)~ but they are great in the context of individual rights and freedoms and true patriotism, not promoting some agenda by a president gone wild.

This video is like "poo brownies" Sure, they're brownies. Everyone (almost) loves brownies. But do you eat them if there's just a little bit of dog poo mixed in? No. No way. You reject it all because it is contaminated. In the same way, some of the things said here are good things and I hope that many of those things are followed up on by those *individuals* but the message of this video is way too contaminated to be embraced.

Interestingly, the things I can pick out as "good" statements in this video are nothing more or less than the obligation to care for the poor and the good works we as Christians are obligated to undertake.

I also respect the office of the president, but not the one in the office. I love this country, as our Founders envisaged it. What is is rapidly becoming disturbs me greatly.

sorry this is so long. I try to not leave long comments, but this video burns my biscuits!

Gag! I don't know. They "pledge" to represent their country with dignity? Ashton Kutcher? Really? I think it's just sort of funny that celebrities think we would take them seriously.

Well said, Sue. You were able to put into words what I was thinking. Some individual messages were good, but the whole bothers me...a lot. Thanks, KC.

this left me with a funny feeling in my stomach. like there was DEFINITELY something in those brownines....it is sad that there are so many misled people out there...and that they happen to be rich and beautiful on the outside, which just misleads others....it is a vicious circle.

you've got an award....


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