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November 16, 2009


Really? I thought the army did that for them. Sadly, my husband stood in line last week for his. I'm so sorry. Rant away!

Love ya!

KC, why didn't you ask someone else to do it? Or (ahem) why didn't Ben? Not that it would be pleasant for anyone else, it would certainly not be the same for them as it was for you. I think we here in this area should agree to do it for each other if necessary.

I'm so sorry you had to do that. Please let us help you with the hard things.

love you

Prayers, KC--how awful!! :(


ugh! how awful for you!
honey please call on us when things like that come up, you shouldn't have to do that.

I remember taking those for Steve, but I am sure that he didn't tell me why he needed them! We will keep you all in our prayers.

The military took these for John, I never knew.. praying for your strength

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