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March 12, 2010


I would have NEVER pegged you as a Violent Femmes fan! We have more in common than I knew!

and yes, okay, "fan" (especially at this point in life) is probably too strong a word! ;)

LOL! I loved that song too. I played it in front of my mom one day who asked (rather alarmed), "Do you know what this song is about?" I didn't. She said we would talk in a few years. ;)
Congrats to your daughter!

Do you mean Cecilia from Hairbows for Life? She is my sister in law! I didn't know you two knew each other! Small world, isn't it?

I really don't want to be one of those people who corrects other people, and you actually may not know this, but I had Boobear during his first deployment. So that makes us 3 for 3, a baby for each deployment!
I am really hoping he will actually be able to be there for at least the next one (or more), if God wills it.
And please, deployments are hard no matter how long they are. We just aren't supposed to be without our husbands! We signed up for this gig together, you know?
I sometimes wonder what it would be like to have my husband come home every night for dinner and home every weekend, I can't even imagine! Does that really happen???? ; )

Love your iphone by the way, it's cute! And I think there are a lot of songs we loved back then that we really don't want to actually listen to the words now, hey we didn't listen back then, why start now! LOL

KC, I'm starting a Words with Friends game with you. My name there is ChrisKM.

I missed this update last week! Thanks for the shout out! I had fun with you girls, and of course, I'll keep making everyday and special occassion bows. It's my passion. It's what makes me happy when I see girls gush over them. It's my art. And really, 3 months already?? Time is flying!

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