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April 24, 2010


Fantastic!!!! So happy for you! This performance looks great.

Oh my gosh! He looks great, and folds his arms just like Paul did as Theseus!!

Congratulations on the show! I love the beard!

I second that.. He truly did soar! And thanks again for all your hard work!

He was so sure of himself and his lines. You can be very proud of him KC! He was fun to watch! Thanks for all of your hard work on the play! Cookie enjoyed it!

Oh, he looks so grown up and so happy! I love these pictures, KC!

Bravo! Bravo! He looks awesome and full of confidence.

I remember some of the first books I read about Asperger's Syndrome were autobios by late-diagnosed adults. One was a professional actor who became an overseas ambassador for a nonprofit! (If memory serves.) He claimed that acting was a good career for Aspies because you are told what to say and what to do, and ditto for the foreign country interactions: heavy prompting and prepping.

Regardless of future profession, your son looks confident and happy. I'm so glad that this worked out to be a great experience for him!

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