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April 10, 2011


This is sad. I am reading all your autism awareness posts. I used to babysit an autistic boy, and a few of my friends have autistic children, so I want to know about it so I can be more sensitive to their needs.

This made me cry. I know Samuel doesn't have autism, but with his disability he has struggled with friendships too. It is so heartbreaking to watch.


I know just what you are writing about. In his naitivity my son classifies everyone as "friends", when in fact some don't deserve the title. I applaud your efforts to not be "momma bearish", because sometimes there is no easy way to guide the experience, but just be there to talk it out afterwards. I'm so glad that Brother has a good Aspie friend; I'm trying to find someone who can be a particularly understanding friend for my son.

It helps me, too, to remember that my NT kids also have friendship upheavals and much pain in learning what makes a good friend. Heck, as you mention in your own example, even we grown-ups do. The lack of many inclusive friends for my Aspie is a particuarly painful part of autism for me, though. {hugs}

I really enjoy reading your autism awareness posts. It helps to know how you feel and how Brother feels.
I am sorry about the friendship situation you are having too. It is hard when someone is pulling away and you don't understand why. I always feel like I have done something wrong, when sometimes it isn't anything, just growing apart.
Love to y'all

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