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July 22, 2011


God's speed to your hubby. Those pictures are so moving I cried. We've added you all to our Prayers for Soldiers list.

Praying!!!!!!!! :-(

Oh such brave faces. Praying for you guys and your hubby! Hugs to you!

Oh KC, you are all so brave. The pictures are heart wrenching. Many many prayers today and for all the days to come.

Sending prayers your way for you, your husband and your children. God keep you all safe as you are seperated!
Please tell your husband thank you for serving our country!

Oh! Those pictures brought tears to my eyes. :( Praying for you all, and especially for the safety of your husband!

Oh that big boy of yours : ((( Thinking of you today and the days to come. God bless you all!

Oh, my goodness. What Jessica said. You all are in my prayers.

And thank you. Thank you all for your enormous sacrifice. <3

Your family is so beautiful! God bless Ben for his service! May the Holy Angels surround him with their wings of protection and speed him quickly home! Praying for all of you, KC! Much love from all of us!

Praying for you and yours . And Thank you for your sacrifice!

Oh those pictures. Ben will be in my daily prayers as will you and those beautiful children. That picture of Ben and your son has me weeping.

God bless.

May God shelter you in His Divine protection and bring your soldier home safely so that the circle of your family remains strong and unbroken.

Your family has put a face on the prayers we offer for servicemen and women. God bless Ben and all of your family.

beautiful, you have me crying. I will be praying for Ben and your children. Adding special Aves for your heart. Much love and appreciation for your sacrifice.

I will be praying for all of you, KC.....

We will keep you and your family in our prayers. Thank you and Thank you for all you and your husband do and have done for our country and our Freedom! May God protect him and give you the strength to endure another year!

Tearfully praying for all of you, K.C. :( God Bless your family and sacrifice.

God bless you all, K.C. What a sweet, beautiful family!


You can be assured of our family's prayers. Hugs to you!

Hi KC,
I just came over from the UC list...your pictures are so moving. You're in my prayers.

These pictures are so moving...typing through teary eyes.
We will be praying for your family and most especially for your husband.
God bless you.

your family are in our prayers.
Thank you for your sacrifice.

Oh, KC.. I’ve visited your blog from time to time, and am sad to see this post. It flat out stinks. Our Daddio just returned from a year deployment, so I know how hard this is. Our family will lift yours up daily during this separation. Thank you for your loving support. God Bless all of you.
Your fellow military spouse and sister in Christ,

Sigh. I hope he gets to stay home longer next time! We are praying for all of you.

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