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January 22, 2012


I'm so sorry. Miscarriage is so hard, a often-hidden sorrow because you were the only one to feel really close to your little one, and thus many people forget how real the baby is to you. Be extra good to yourself. I'll pray for you. I'm sorry this is a time when your husband can't be home.

I'm so sorry KC...I understand. I think the body has a memory too, even when our mind isn't thinking of it. I hope you can find some time to love yourself a little extra. (((((KC)))))

I think we're in the same place. January is a TERRIBLE month for me. I lost my firstborn baby in January (he lived 20 hours, 12 minutes). And I also had a baby that I miscarried who was due this month. Just lots to offer up. I will pray for you, KC. It is so hard...but lots of grace amidst the crosses. :) Hugs!

I've been there so many times, KC. Reading about yet another pregnancy on the internet always depressed me (even though, yes - I was happy for the moms-to-be too). I'm sorry. Hugs.

K.C. I've been there and share your pain. So many people don't understand that the loss of a baby, regardless of how far along the pregnancy is, is still the loss of a child. When people find out they are pregnant, they rejoice! But if that child is lost, it seems as though the earlier it is in the pregnancy, the less we are expected to grieve. But wait! Yesterday it was a baby, but today it's just a miscarriage!?!?! Hugs and prayers for you and all the moms who are longing to hold their babies.

praying for you dear friend

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